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Matera's Sassi


Ventricelli‘s holiday farm is surrounded by San Giuliano’s Oasis.
San Giuliano’s lake hosts several migratory birds, such as the heron and the very rare Egyptian vulture.
These are the main characteristics that make our farm the ideal place for lovers of nature and for those who would like to practise bird watching, trekking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting or simply walking by the lake or in the wood.

S. Giuliano lake view
Altamura cathedral


The strategic position of our Farm (which borders Basilicata and Puglia) gives the opportunity to the visitors to see both regions.
Not far from our Farm you could visit :

  • Matera (the Sassi, the Cathedral, the museum)
  • Metaponto (the greek temple...the sea)
  • Miglionico (the castle of Malconsiglio)
  • Montescaglioso (S. Michele Arcangelo’s Abbey)
  • Pietrapertosa and its 'dolomiti lucane'
  • Brindisi di montagne (the Grancia’s park)
  • Altamura (the cathedral of Frederic II, the Pulo, the dinosaurs’s valley)
  • Andria (Castel Del Monte)
  • Gravina di Puglia (diggings of Botromagno, the Cathedral, the museums)

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